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Mantel/Bracket Clocks

  Mantel Clocks
Mantel clocks are relatively small house clocks traditionally placed on the shelf, or mantel, above the fireplace. The form, first developed in France in the 1750s, can be distinguished from earlier chamber clocks of similar size due to a lack of carrying handles. They are sometimes spelt as 'Mantle Clocks'. These clocks are often highly ornate, decorative works. They are most frequently constructed from any combination of ormolu, porcelain, and wood. One of the most common and valued types of mantel clocks are the French Empire-style timepieces.
  Bracket Clocks
A bracket clock is a style of antique portable table clock made in the 17th and 18th centuries. The term originated with small weight driven clocks (sometimes called 'true bracket clocks') that had to be mounted on a bracket on the wall to allow room for their hanging weights. When spring driven clocks were invented they continued to be made in the bracket style. Often they are composed of two matching pieces created as an ensemble: the clock and its small decorative shelf. They are almost always made of wood, often ebony, and often ornamented with ormolu mounts, brass inlay, wood or tortoise shell veneer, or decorative varnish. Since in their day clocks were expensive, and a household would not have one in every room, bracket clocks usually had handles to carry them from room to room.


A very fine and rare 8 day, striking Bracket Clock on original verge by George Suggate of Halesworth C.1780.

This rare clock was made at the end of the 18th century by the renowned Suggate family, probably by George senior. Both father and son were highly respected and a very wealthy family. They had farm land as well as a clock making business, recorded in Suffolk Clocks & Clockmakers.

The clock is made from well figured mahogany with very fine proportions. Standing on delicately shaped brass feet, then a good moulding to the main body of the case, the door has a fine quality gilded brass frame, and two delicate sound frets above. Fine pineapple finials and a bold bell top with handle to top, with unusual fine parquetry work. Fine brass frets to sides with glass viewing windows. Even the back door of the case is decorated witgh fine parquetry work!

The dial is silvered with bold engraving, the hours in Roman numerals and signed by the maker. Subsidiary dial to the arch, allowing the strike to be turned off. These clocks were a fortune in their day and would have been moved from room to room. The movement is superb, as we would expect from this maker, even the back plate is profusely engraved with flowers. The movement has 5 rather than the standard 4 movement pillars, all parts finished to the highest standard.

21" high to top of handle.

(stock no:933)

Fully serviced and guaranteed for one year.




Fabulous 8 day, triple fusee English Bracket Clock in architectural style case.

The well figured mahogany case with brass and silk side frets, stepped base and squashed bun feet. The silvered dial with engraved Roman chapter ring and spade hands. Signed CHARLES OLDS, BATH - C.1836.

The 5 pillar movement chiming the quarters and hours on a rack of 9 bells. The escapement having been converted from verge to deadbeat with maintaining power.

We have seen many verge clocks of this period that have been converted to the more precise anchor escapement, but this has gone one step further and been converted to the much more accurate deadbeat escapement with maintaining power and beautifully made beat adjust above the suspension spring. This would have been a very expensive conversion.

The back plate finely engraved and signed CHARLES KINKEAD, STRABANE. Early 19th century. We think Charles Olds may have made the conversion and then put his name to the front of the clock.

Dimensions: 50.5cm high, 34.5cm wide, 22cm deep.

Fully serviced and guaranteed for one year.


Fabulous 8 day, triple fusee English Bracket Clock
Fabulous 8 day, triple fusee English Bracket Clock Fabulous 8 day, triple fusee English Bracket Clock
Fabulous 8 day, triple fusee English Bracket Clock Fabulous 8 day, triple fusee English Bracket Clock Fabulous 8 day, triple fusee English Bracket Clock
Fabulous 8 day, triple fusee English Bracket Clock Fabulous 8 day, triple fusee English Bracket Clock Fabulous 8 day, triple fusee English Bracket Clock


8 day mahogany twin fusee, striking Bracket Clock c1840 by George Etheridge of Norwich.

The arched top edged with Ebony, over sides with fish scale frets and glazed back door. The painted convex dial with Roman numerals and very fine, blued steel running loop hands. Brass inlaid trunk and stepped plinth, on ball feet.

The good quality 8 day striking, five pillar movement, with pull repeat and engraved and shaped back plate with gilded and engraved pendulum bob.

Dimensions: 17" (H) 11½" (W) 7" (D) - (stock no:560)

Fully serviced and guaranteed for one year.

Other views:
Side   Rear   Mechanism


Fine quality William IV striking, mahogany Bracket Clock by G.H.Ive, 10 Finsbury Place, London.

The swept dome top with deep gadrooning over silvered dial, with wax filled engraved Roman numerals, outer 5 minute divisions and blued steel moon hands, within cast brass bezel and silvered sight ring. Cornered by gadrooned spandrels.

The mid section with fielded panel flanked by acanthus leaves over stepped plinth and bun feet. The sides with brass, gothic style sound frets, with silk backing and hipped lower section.The glazed back revealing an eight day twin fusee, five pillar movement with shouldered plates and cut out base. Teared pendulum cock and teared pendulum stay. With original crank key.

Fully serviced and guaranteed for one year.

Size 18” high, 13 “ wide, 6¼“ deep (stock no:679)





8 day mahogany Gallery Clock striking on a gong.

Fully serviced and guaranteed for one year.


8 day mahogany Gallery Clock striking on a gong 8 day mahogany Gallery Clock striking on a gong


Impressive French eight day striking brass mounted Slate Clock with bronze drummer boy to the top, signed E. Lourdelet.

17"W, 20"H.

Fully serviced and guaranteed for one year.




19th Century French Rosewood & Marquetry Portico Clock with Original Dome & Plinth. Signed T.B. to back plate.

The columns with gilt bronze capitols & bases, boxwood lines. The gilt bronze bezel enclosing an enamelled dial with Roman numerals and moon hands. Unfortunately the name is rubbed.

The 8 day movement with temperature compensated gridiron pendulum, striking the hour & ½ hour on a bell.

It is very rare indeed to find a Portico clock with its original glass dome intact, and its original plinth, in fact people don't realise that they ever had one. The majority of Portico clocks for sale on the internet have no domes & no plinths. Without the protection of a dome the exposed movement would soon suffer from air born dust & dirt.

26"h to top of dome 11" w 7 ½" d (stock no: 743b)

Fully serviced and guaranteed for one year.




Rosewood Timepiece

Heavilly inlaid with brass to form floral designs and an allegorical study to the base. Urn finial over octagonal body containing porcelain dial clock with brass bezel, with decoratve gilt bronze leopard head handles, over scrolled mid-section over base with drawer. Very good quality case with the added quality of show-wood to the back of the clock.

Dial size 4”. Height 20 ½” (stock no:113)

Fully serviced and guaranteed for one year.


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